How To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Home in the summer

Summer is fast approaching (what with global warming and all), and before you know it, it’s going to feel warm and stuffy inside your house.

Before the summer heat befalls your dwelling, take the following steps to prep your home for the sunny season.

  • Open your windows to air out your entire house.

  • Get rid of your storm windows and replace them with screens. This way, fresh air can get in and circulate, while bugs stay out. And since you’re already replacing your windows, why not wash and clean them as well.

  • Keep your storm windows in a safe place where they won’t get broken.

  • Open up rooms that you don’t usually use or heat (especially during the winter) and air it out, especially the beddings.

  • Wash and store all of your cold weather items, including garments to create room in your cabinets for summer clothes, beddings and accessories.

  • Make sure you’re equipped with all the necessary household items like bug sprays and insect repellents. Store them where you can easily reach for them, but where your children can’t access.

  • Check your drawers. See if you have clothes that no longer fit or damaged. Give away those that no longer fit. Replace the one that are damaged.

  • Inspect your kids play sets to make sure that the winter has not damaged or rusted them, and that they’re still safe to be used.

  • Switch off your furnace or heater. Uncover your air conditioner if you need it. Have it checked first by a licensed technician to see if it’s still in good working condition.

  • Lastly, check you lawnmower if it’s still in proper working order.

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